The following is a sample of my recent work with video.


A short film I worked on at the end of my freshman year at Boston University.

It is a persuasive short, telling the story of a student who ruins his chances at passing a class because he is preoccupied by the nice weather. This results in him having to retake the class and thereby miss all of the nice weather over the summer.

Central Square:

A montage piece I worked on during the start of my freshman year at Boston University.

It is a short montage throughout Central Square in Cambridge, Ma. This project was meant to emphasize my compositional ability by removing all color and sound, as well as my ability to tell the story of an area using only pictures.

Spring Cleaning:

This is a short comedy film I recorded in less than a day.

I tried to test myself to see if I could go from concept to completion in less than 24 hours and am very proud of the product for the time put in. It is a short about a boy who uses music to escape from chores around the house.


A music video I filmed and edited during the summer of 2018.

This music video was for local artist”Yung Jooks” the video follows an isolation theme. Each clip in this project has at least 5 layers of coloring, making it the most work I have spent on color grading yet.


A silent short film for Boston University’s Production 1 class.

My 1st project for BU’s Production 1 class; FT 353. We were told to create a short silent film 2-3 minutes in length using only natural lighting and edited in Avid with the only effects allowed being simple fades.

Tell Me:

A music video I created at the start of 2019.

This music video was for local artist”Yung Jooks”. For this project, we tried to create a narrative to enhance the artist’s music. It follows the storyline of a man who is forced to live his life without having the one most important to him in it anymore.

  • They look great!

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